7 Advantages of Using a Staffing Company (INFOGRAPHIC)

Managing work fluctuations can be a challenging and expensive process. If your company is faced with a large influx of work, you have to spend time reading resumes, interviewing, and training new staff members. Enlisting the services of a staffing company can help relieve some of this work and can deliver already trained staff ready to work immediately.

Providing your business with qualified candidates is one of the many benefits that staffing companies can offer. Below, seven advantages of using a staffing company are outlined. Look over these advantages and see if a hiring company could benefit your company.

Future Challenges in Recruitment for Legal and Medical Industries

Employment and recruitment challenges are on the horizon in the health care industry. Based on demographics, the workforce and retirement ratio will sky rocket in the next 5-10 years. Baby Boomers will begin retiring while Millennials will take over the majority of the workforce percentage.  In addition to demographic shifts, technological advances will continue to play a major role in affecting the workforce.

Yay for today!

Rapid advances in law, medicine and technology have revolutionized the legal and healthcare industries. As companies grow and adapt to these changes, the demand for qualified professionals has never been greater. Some corporations will need to reach out to staffing and recruitment agencies to assist in fulfilling their high demand for quick hiring to ensure quality candidates are selected to maintain a positive work environment and reputation as a  business.  Selecting, hiring and training the right employees can be challenging and costly, and the right employees can also be a critical component of business success.

All of us here at Advance Talent recognize these needs and are here to offer innovative workforce solutions to the legal and medical industries.

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With experience comes talent.
With talent comes results.

We started with a vision. Our goal was to find assignments for our highly trained staff that would challenge them and help them grow personally and professionally, even as they brought their much needed years of medical and legal expertise to help business that need these services. That vision has been brought to life.

Welcome to Advance Talent.

We deliver innovative workforce solutions to the legal and medical industries, providing the highly trained and skilled staffing resources to advance businesses and meet human capital needs.

We advance the success of individuals, businesses and communities by creating workforce excellence, providing temporary, project-based, and permanent staff members. Advance Talent has the agility to improve the talent pool, increase efficiency, support business, and create a competitive edge.

We know that true talent is critical to true success, and you’ll find true talent here.

Your Advance Talent Team

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