The Advance Talent Advantage

For projects where you quickly need access to trained, experienced staff, we save you time and money that you can give back to your business. These are just a few of the advantages of working with Advance Talent.


Streamline operations
Manage work fluctuations with already trained staff, and reduce time spent searching for the right expertise.

Get access to a flexible talent pool
With temporary or project-based staff, you can quickly increase your talent pool when the need arises.

Reduce hiring costs and challenges
We complete the hiring, training, and vetting so you don’t have to, saving you time and money.

Gain needed expertise
Our staff has experience in a variety of clinical disciplines and can evaluate and provide valuable insight to counsel on medical-legal matters, such as assisting with the preparation of deposition questions, or conducting medical review based on current supported research, documented by treatises and evidence-based standards of care.

Protect your brand image
Using our service eliminates the staffing stigmas accompanying unexpected project changes that would have required layoffs.

Find the right match
Through a highly selective and proprietary screening, matching and onboarding process, we match skill set and level of experience required to meet your project needs.

Quickly ramp up with pre-trained resources
Our unique training model maximizes ability to adapt clinical experiences to insurance and/or legal environments, allowing you to easily ramp up with already-trained staff. Extensive hands-on training is designed to enhance business knowledge, client relationships, and personal growth.