Does Social Media Influence Millennials’ Healthcare Decisions?

In a content driven world, social media has made a notable shift from a leisurely activity to a business practice. Facebook is no longer just a place for college students to connect, it’s a marketing platform. Twitter keeps us up-to-date with breaking news. LinkedIn keeps us informed on industry trends.

-When what could arguably be considered one of the most influential health organizations [CDC] in the world is encouraging providers to use social media, that's pretty significant.- (1)

The transition is clear, and by no means is this a new and emerging trend. Business owners and marketers are well versed on these trends and have shifted their efforts. Is it any surprise that Millennials’ not only consume the content through these mediums, but trust them?

Click here to read an article written by Forbes to answer the question: Does Social Media Influence Millennials’ Healthcare Decisions? 

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