6 Tips for Legal Nurse Consultants to Boost Productivity at Work

We are challenged daily to do more, plan more and accomplish more tasks. Psychologists spend hours studying ways to improve daily workflow, and some of what they’ve found is surprising.

  1. Know the difference between multitasking and limited distractions

    There are times when we need to be flexible and move from one assignment to the next due to client deadlines, etc. However, working on multiple tasks at the same time for one assignment can potentially obstruct your overall workflow. The brain can go into overload by switching back and forth between tasks. Instead, prioritize and focus on one task at a time, and don’t let the others distract you.

  2. Conquer difficult tasks first

    Prioritize your tasks by deadlines and level of difficulty when possible. If you can conquer the most difficult tasks first, you’ll be able to power through the rest of your tasks with ease. For example, when reviewing medical records, pharmacy records can be very detailed and tedious. If feasible, review those records first.

  3. Stay organized

    Each day, take a few minutes to re-evaluate your commitments, emails, meetings, etc. Taking the time to eliminate clutter will improve your workflow in the long run.

  4. Take regular breaks

    Studies show taking regular breaks will improve your workflow and ability to focus on prolonged tasks. Refresh your mind by stepping away from your computer and having a beverage or grabbing a quick snack. Recharge yourself by taking a 20-minute walk or stretching every few hours.

  5. Use dual screens

    Consider investing in a second monitor screen. Displaying records you’re reviewing on one screen and the document you’re writing up on a different screen will enhance your ability to read the records and saves time from toggling back and forth. It has been proven a much quicker way to work.

  6. Save your work

    Have you ever been plugging away on a project, and then all of a sudden, the dreaded error message pops up and you lose all of your most recent work?  It’s the worst. Especially when you realize you haven’t saved in two hours. Get into the habit of saving constantly.