7 Benefits of Mentorship

Mentoring is a motivating career development opportunity. Connecting with a senior professional in your field can provide you invaluable advice and feedback.

Here are 7 benefits of having a mentor and how they are helpful to your career (see below for infographic): 

Professional Network

Having a mentor opens you up to making connections with others in your field and allows you to network with your colleagues. It’s never easy being the new kid on the block. Whether you’re new to the field, or new to the industry, leverage your mentor to make connections within and across your network.  

Business Relationship

Engaging in a mentor/mentee relationship gives you the chance to create and maintain a professional relationship. These skills transfer directly to your career, providing you a skill set for the office, interviews, networking and more. 

New Perspective 

Being able to connect with someone who has miles in your field allows you to gain a broader perspective on your industry’s practices. You gain insight on technology progressions, business mergers, job efficiencies, as well as new job opportunities. 


Laying out your personal goals with your mentor can motivate you to complete them since you have someone to report your progress to. Think of them as your career workout buddy. 

Support Group 

Mentors are people you can turn to for encouragement as well as someone that will celebrate your successes. They want the best for you and feel prideful when you’re excelling in your profession. You’re never alone. 

Personal Experience

Lessons are learned through mistakes and failed attempts. You will have plenty of these throughout your professional career, however, your mentor can share personal experiences they’ve had to help route your in the right direction. Wisdom comes with experience. Leverage the experience of others to help you navigate new territory and challenging career milestones. 

Focused on Work 

Outlining your job demands with your mentor can help you prioritize your tasks and see what you need to focus on. Getting an outside perspective on your workload can help identify areas of inefficiencies or a potential technology solution to lighten your workload. 

Mentorship is equally beneficial to the mentor. Providing guidance and advice is a gratifying feeling while making a difference in someone’s life. It provides you the opportunity to lend a helping hand, form a meaningful relationship, and keeps you honest in your area of practice.

Learning never ends.

7 Benefits of Having a Mentor infographic