Create Habits to Be Successful

Humans yearn for happiness and success. Some of us associate happiness with success. Author Emily Esfahani Smith delivers a powerful speech at a TED Conference, a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas, titled “There’s more to life than being happy.” In this speech, Smith talks about how our culture is obsessed with happiness, but what if there is a more fulfilling path?


Smith defines a meaningful life with four pillars: Belonging, Purpose, Transcendence, and Storytelling. Let’s focus on pillar two; purpose. We each define our life purpose uniquely. To some of us, that purpose could be within a job role by serving a purpose within an organization. We can then define this purpose as success, but getting there is no small feat.

In an article published by Inc., “The Keys to Becoming Successful at Anything,” it discusses the idea of forming habits that become routine, thus leading to success. Identify habits that are beneficial to your “Purpose Goal.” The idea behind this tactic is to eliminate the feeling of needing motivation, better known as procrastination. These routines will begin to flow naturally, saving your energy for situations where it is truly needed.

You need motivation to kick start these ideas, but once you get started, you’re on your way to leading a meaningful and success life. You’re unstoppable!