What we do

Reduce overhead.
Enhance productivity.

Reduce your overhead costs and quickly enhance your workforce productivity with high quality professionals including Physicians, RNs, RN JDs, and Legal Nurse Consultants, Case Managers, Research and Development Nurses, Utilization Review Specialists, Medicare Set-Aside Specialists, Long-term Care and Nursing Home Specialists.

Advance Talent staff may be utilized for:

  • Reviewing medical records, medical treatment, billing records, criteria for evidenced based medicine, standards of care and/or current medical literature research
  • Extracting data, preparing summaries and otherwise supporting legal professionals with claims or cases involving medical documents and/or patient data
  • Identifying critical data which may be used to support alternative causation for legally alleged injuries, claims analysis,¬†mediation, settlement or may impact recovery and medical management
  • Assisting with the evaluation of insurance or legal cases involving health and/or injury for merit, appropriate treatment, and level of care
  • Providing medical information management services to meet legal and/or regulatory compliance requirements, promote efficiencies, quality of care and successful outcomes