The Perfect Way to Respond to an Insult

Twenty years ago, Steve Jobs had just returned to Apple and was answering questions at a Developers Conference when an attendee publicly attacked him on his professional credibility and personal accountability. This describes a delicate situation that could go one of two ways, rather quickly.

The featured article in this blog will detail the direct insult from the audience member and Jobs’ response. The remarkable response was also caught on film. Click here to read the full story written by Justin Bariso, published by Inc., and view the short video of Jobs’ response.

emotional intelligence

Jobs purposeful delayed response to the disgruntled gentlemen is an excellent example and portrayal of emotional intelligence. He was not reactive, but rather proactive. He paused and thought before he spoke. So simple, yet challenging to place the mind before the heart.

The main effective points Jobs touches on in his response are:

  • Agrees with his accuser
  • Guides the audience to a high level view
  • Openly admits to his faults and learnings
  • Provides recognition
  • Closes with a motivational vision

This scenario can be applied to many situations large and small. Whether you’re in front of a crowd representing your employer or simply responding to an email, pause and allow yourself to recognize your emotions and the opposing party’s emotions. It will serve you well through your professional career in addition to your personal life.

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