Motivation Monday

First thought: How could someone write about Monday when we are about to hit the weekend?!

Don’t worry, we have your best interest in mind!

Sunday evening is when the “case of the Monday’s” starts to set in. The later into the evening it gets, the closer you are to facing the fact that your Sunday Funday is commencing and your work week is beginning. You question why there isn’t a day between Sunday and Monday for you to actually do what you want to do (aka relax!).

As most things in life, it’s all about perception. So let’s start to perceive Monday as a fresh start, the day that sets the tone for the week ahead. Check out “8 Quick Things You Can Do to Make Monday Your Most Productive Day of the Week,” published by Inc. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t start this sooner! Oh, and make sure you read the link “Mondays” (What 5 Years of Bodybuilding Taught Me About Tackling Mondays) if you work in an office, you’ll definitely get a laugh from the embarrassing truth that is observed by the author.

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I made this mental shift last week. My results: I hit the gym three more days than normal (so really the amount of days I always say I’m going to go, but never do), grocery shopped and meal prepped, visited an old friend, cleaned my house, played softball, and will be attending a wedding this weekend with a COMPLETED, crossed-off to do list and a clear head. What a fantastic feeling to know I can wake up on Sunday with no obligations other than to create my new strategy for the week to follow.

Cheers to the weekend and to a productive start to every Monday to follow.