Nursing Careers Beyond the Hospital

Nursing school is not an experience one would refer to as a “breeze,” or that you simply “skated through” your courses. You poured your blood, sweat and tears into exams, pulled multiple all-nighters to ace finals, and drove miles to gain experience in your clinical work. Basically, it wasn’t easy and you’re proud of your accomplishment – as you should be.

Let’s fast forward to 5, 10, 15 years down the road. Are you still in love with the hospital setting and face-to-face patient care? That’s a loaded question, and only time will be able to tell. Rest assured that you can take your education and clinical experience to another industry, in a different setting and still be able to help people.

Check out this great article published by Monster that explores the alternative avenues nurses have in non-clinical settings.

-Nurses can put their clinical expertise to work in many different non-hospital settings.-

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